Terms and conditions

Step Up For Good Terms and Conditions

  • If your manager agrees, you can undertake a Step Up activity for the programmes on this website during your working hours.
  • Your normal work must not be adversely affected by your Step Up For Good deployment. Your work always takes precedence.
  • You cannot claim the hours you spend on Step Up For Good activities as overtime for the weeks you are involved in them, nor can you claim those hours that you spend on Step Up For Good outside working hours.
  • Always get all the participants'’ written consent before taking and/or sharing/distributing photos of activities.

Step Up For Good Code of Conduct
We apply our Code of Conduct for all activities that we undertake as VodafoneZiggo. As a participant in Step Up For Good, you will be in contact with various persons inside and outside the organisation. This means you need to be fully aware of what is possible, permitted and appropriate.

There are specific points to note for each volunteer activity. You will find these in the overview for each activity. Read the points to note before you register for an activity at www.StepUpForGood.nl.nl. Are you worried about something? Then consult with the CSR Team (at ) or discuss it with your manager.

We will now look at a number of rules of conduct that specifically apply to Step Up For Good, irrespective of which volunteer activity you are doing.

We work with respect and equal opportunities for all. We do not tolerate any form of:

  • Discrimination
  • Bullying
  • Intimidation
  • Use of alcohol and/or drugs

Safety & Wellbeing

  • As volunteers, we pay attention to our own safety, as well as to that of the people we are coaching.
  • We follow the rules of the location we are visiting and deal with them respectfully.


  • We act professionally in our personal and social media communications.
  • We only publish images of the volunteers’ work with the prior WRITTEN consent of the people we are helping.
  • Always consider whether you would feel OK telling your manager or colleagues a particular personal detail about someone – always consider people’s privacy.

Personal details & possessions

  • We always handle the information, personal data and possessions of the people we coach with due care.
  • We handle the sensitive and confidential information of the people we coach in an ethical way.
  • When processing personal data or other privacy-sensitive information, we always act in line with our privacy statement

Compliance with the law

  • We always comply with the legal rules.
  • We are always careful when giving and receiving gifts. You must register any gifts and invitations that you give or receive that have a value of 50 euros or more – or 30 euros in the case of a government official – in our Gifts & Hospitality register. If you have any concerns then check with your manager or the Legal department.

Speak Out
If you see something that is unacceptable and/or that breaches our code of conduct then report this using our Speak Out channel Whispli – even if you are unsure. We take every report of undesirable, inappropriate or unacceptable conduct very seriously and investigate it thoroughly. All such reports are treated as confidential and can be made anonymously.

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